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Future Young Educated Role Models






This programs is designed to empower girls to move beyond their circumstance and lead empowered lives. Our core workshops are geared to help young ladies with spiritual and personal growth. Through a holistic approach the GIRLS ON F.Y.E.R. Experience:

  •  Leads girls on the path to self-discovery
  • Builds Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Develops Life & Social Skills
  • Improves Communication
  • Strengthens Literacy
  • Empowers Advocacy
  • Promotes Leadership

*Open to girls ages 11-17

*Program consist of 6 core workshop and runs for duration of 8 months.

*Sessions are typically held once week on Saturdays

*Upon successful completion of the program participant will be invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony and take on her official role as a GIRL ON F.Y.E.R. 

For more information email us at [email protected]



"I never spoke up for myself when I didn’t agree with something until now. I speak my mind when I disagree with people. GIRLS ON FYER has inspired me to be a role model for the community" -Briana 12

“In the beginning of the program I had an attitude. I was very shy and quiet when I came to this program and I would always say yes to my friends. Also I wasn’t really into school programs, up until now. I say no to negative friends and now I barely hang out with them. I have worked on my attitude at home and school. -Tearra 16

Since being in this program I have become a lot nicer to people. I care a lot about their feelings. I am not that shy anymore. What inspires me to come every weekend is that I look forward to new things. I have been inspired and I like the way that I am.”- Gabriella 11

“In the beginning of the program I was afraid to talk to people around me, I was shy, only cared for myself and always following behind my friends. As the program went on I learned how to be a leader not a follower. I care for the people around me and I am not shy to say what’s on my mind. Since I’ve been a part of S.G.O.F. I’ve been inspired to help out the community and help young girls. One thing that makes me want to come to the program is because I look forward to changing my attitude and to become a better person. I look forward to being a role model for my little sister and to continue to learn new things.”- Teonna 16

“When I first started the program, I was loud, rambunctious, and obsessed with my phone. However as time went on and I got deeper into the group, my attitude and social skills became less of a problem. I grew out of my shell, my confidence level expanded. Learning more about myself than I’ve ever known." -Kamaria 16